1. Sort Beans

Lay the beans out flat and go through each by hand, looking for twigs, strings and other unwanted items.

2. Roast Beans

Sort beans into three sizes - large, medium and small. Roast all the beans separately. Once roasted, let beans cool.

3. Crack Beans

Break beans into little-bits by running through the Crankandstein.

4. Sort Beans

Run cracked beans, now in small pieces, through a sorter which separates them into small, medium and large sizes.

5. Winnow

Separate the nibs, from husk through a contraption involving piping, a mallet and a vacuum cleaner.

6. Grind Beans

Take the separated nibs and grind them. each solid nib turns into a paste, called liqueur.

7. Conche Beans

Take the liqueur and run it through a conche. Add sugar slowly and let run for three days or so.

8. Let Rest

Pour chocolate in a baking pan and let rest for 30 days or so to let the flavours get to know each other and percolate.

9. Temper

Temper chocolate in machine that puts the sheen on and takes the edge out by playing with temperatures. Then pour chocolate in the mould and let simmer.

10. Wrap

Take out that glorious piece of gold foil and dress up that bar. Throw on the wrapper with the black bird. It's done! How cool is that?