Cherry Almond Ginger Bark

Limited Edition

Bark worth the Bite

First, we took our 70% Oh Mama bar - made from cacao beans harvested from volcanic soil of Nicaragua - and melted it into a lovely, gooey foundation. From there, we piled on and played with the chocolate's rich butter taste by adding dried cherries, toasted almonds and (the best part) candied ginger.

Once it all cools into solid crunchiness, something wonderful happens. The cherries power forward at first bite, but the toasted almonds balances its fruity inclination just enough for the slight bite of the ginger to speak. Everything works together to let the let the creamy taste of the single origin chocolate to shine through. 

At a hefty and delicious 80 grams, you may want to share (but you know...we won't say a word if you don't).  

Grab them while you can. 

Shelf Life - 6 months