Zorzal - 60g
Zorzal - 60g Zorzal - 60g Zorzal - 60g

Makes Your Heart Sing 

Smooth like honey with hints of apricot & pecan.

SONG BIRD      Zorzal - Bicknell’s Thrush

A lovely, rare songbird native to Ontario, Québec & the Maritimes, the Zorzal is threatened with extinction, but a team of conservationists and the local community are fighting for it in its winter home in the Dominican Republic.

They've created a 300 ha biodiversity sanctuary in the northern highlands to safeguard the bird’s habitat. As sustainably grown cacao supports the sanctuary, we’ll hear the Zorzal’s song for a long time to come.

Run on the best principles of agriculture and sustainability, this extraordinary bird sanctuary is making a difference - and making great cacao. For more information, go to  Zorzal Cacao

Cacao 70%   Weight - 60g

Organic Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar & Cocoa Butter.
Vegan, Soy & Gluten Free

Allergens - May contain nuts & peanuts.

  SILVER      International Chocolate Awards  2016    World
  BRONZE   International Chocolate Awards  2016     Americas
  BRONZE   Academy of Chocolate   2015  World
  SILVER      International Chocolate Awards  2015  Americas
  SILVER      International Chocolate Awards  2014  Canadian